Welcome to our page, dedicated to construction project management.

This page is the official internet presentation of the Department of Construction Project Management and the Institute for Construction Project Management at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Belgrade.

Besides its principal educational function, the Department is actively involved, together with the Institute, in working closely with industrial and economic community, offering a wide range of the consultant services of the experts currently working at the Department – from the construction project management, through the expert supervision and court expert witnessing to the assistance in legislative court procedures within the construction engineering field of expertise.

In case you need our expertise and knowledge, you can contact us here.

This website is where you can find all the people currently working for the Department and the Institute. You can also check out the projects we have successfully accomplished so far as well as the published scientific works and school books of our experts.

We have saved a little corner for our students as well because they often make their first professional steps under the Department’s wing after they graduate.

Thank you for visiting!

DEPARTMENT OF CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGEMENT | Bul. Kralja Aleksandra 73, 11000 Belgrade | Phone: +381 11 321 85 29