At the Department of construction project management students are introduced to the principles of investment project management and the legislative related to planning and construction. Subjects of study include construction contracts in contemporary civil engineering practise (FIDIC), feasibility studies and value engineering, but also human resource management and quality assurance along with risk and investment project management, methods and tools for improvement of productivity and efficiency during the realization of works. Also, students are introduced to the contemporary approach to operative planning, time and cost management during investment project realization and organization of construction projects.

Poseta Koridoru X studenata GRF

Students can opt for this course/program in the 4th semester of their studies, after having attended the common ground courses from civil engineering.

Lecturers from our Department cover the following subjects within the bachelor civil engineering studies:

  • Civil engineering economy
  • Civil engineering mechanization
  • Management of construction companies
  • Construction technology management
  • Measuring and evaluation of construction works
  • Planning methods in civil engineering
  • Building maintenance
  • Business relations in construction
  • Design of the construction organization
  • Construction technology
  • Contracting in civil engineering
  • Investment project management
  • Human resources management
  • Project management

In the bachelor geodesy studies our professors teach:

  • Actual law
  • Legal regulations in spatial planning

On the master courses students attend:

  • Construction objects evaluation
  • Marketing in civil engineering / MS Project advanced course
  • International construction projects
  • Special construction technologies
  • Strategic management in civil engineering
  • Quality assurance in civil engineering

Subjects from the Department of Construction Management are studied within other programmes on the Faculty of Civil Engineering as well.

Professor Ivković, for example, lectures on engineering economy in civil engineering within the basic civil engineering studies common for all students in the first 3 semesters. He also teaches project management and construction technology management at the Department of structural engineering, while at the Department of road, railways and airport engineering he lectures on the international construction projects and construction management which he also teaches at the Department of hydraulic and environmental engineering.

Professor Ivanišević is lecturing on the construction legislative on all the departments within the basic studies, common for all departments as well as the Construction Management and Technology 2 on the Department of roads and railways and the basic studies of economics in the first semester of the Geodesy studies as well as the actual and management law. In the 7th semester he teaches the actual law and the legal regulations in spatial planning.

Professor Arizanović lectures on the Construction Company Management to the students of the roads, railways and airport engineering.

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